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Antenna Accessories

1. All MS-XXX180 and MS-XXXX60,90,120 are shipped with the following accessories based on the sphere size (60cm, 90cm 120cm, 180cm mentioned in the antenna model numbers).

5.2 Bracket Mounting

Lens Size (Model)Bracket Qty (pc)Bolt & Nuts SizeBolts Set (pc)
MS-XXX180 Lens6M14 x 15cm12
MS-XXX 60, 90, 120 Lens4M12 x 15cm8

2. All Matsing MBA Models are shipped with the following accessories.  

4.00 Bracket, Bolt & Nuts Requirement

ModelBolt SizeBolt QtyNut SizeNut QtyBracket Qty
All MBAsM12 x 160mm4M1282
4.10 Bolts & Nuts
4.20 Bracket