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Multi-beam Base Station Antennas


MatSing Multi-Beam antennas utilize RF Lens Technology to provide the highest performance, highest capacity, multi-beam antennas ideal for improving network performance and enhancing the end users mobile experience.

  • Special Events (concerts, festivals)
  • High Density Urban Environments
  • High Data Events
  • Stadiums/Arenas
  • High Sites

Record Breaking Results:

  • “579 GB/hour peak of Data”
  • “65TB of Data” – Whole Event
  • “10 times capacity of traditional antenna”
MS-4.2-RosebowlLuneburg_SXSW 2

Rock in Rio 2

Key Advantages of RF Lens Multi-Beam Antennas:

  • Multiple independent beams
    • Ideal for high order sectorization/multiple sectors
  • High Capacity
  • Broadband
    • Antennas provide coverage for multiple-bands
      • PCS,AWS,3G,4G,LTE, WifI (0.6-5GHz)
  • Highest Performance
    • Clean beam patterns (low side lobes, front to back)
  • High Isolation between Beams
  • Individual beam tilt adjustment
  • Low Wind Load
  • Antennas can be painted in any color or with any Logo
  • All in 1 high capacity Antenna solution (fewer locations required for installation)

ZettaBall Configurator

Frequency MHz Number of Beams Number of Ports per Beam


MS-4.2DB60 – 2ft Antenna
4 Beams High-Band
2 Beams Low-Band

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MS-6.3DB90 – 3ft Antenna
6 Beams High-Band
3 Beams Low-Band

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MS-12.6DB180 – 6ft Antenna
12 Beams High-Band
6 Beams Low-Band

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