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Our Technology
MatSing 5 meter lens inside a testing chamber.

How does an RF Lens Work?

An RF Lens, similar to an optical lens, forms or bends Electromagnetic waves through refraction.

By placing a single radiating element on the surface of spherical RF Luneburg Lens, a high-gain signal is created radiating from the opposite side of the spherical lens.

RF Lens Multi-beam Antenna Design: –

Multiple radiating elements can be placed around the same sphere to create multiple, independent, high-gain beams utilizing the same lens.

This allows Lens based antennas to have significant performance improvement as compared to traditional array or dish antenna technology.

Performance and Capacity Improvements: –

RF Lens based antennas can provide significant performance and capacity improvements over traditional antenna technology such as the ability to have; multiple independent beams for high order sectorization, ultra-broadband coverage, high isolation between beams and individual beam tilt capabilities.

Applications: –

MatSing Multi-Beam antennas utilize RF Lens Technology to provide the highest performance, highest capacity, multi-beam antennas ideal for improving network performance and enhancing the end users mobile experience for following applications.

  • Special Events (concerts, festivals)
  • High Density Urban Environments
  • High Data Events
  • Stadiums/Arenas
  • High Capacity Sites

Key Advantages of RF Lens Multi-Beam Antennas: –

  • Multiple independent beams
    • Ideal for high order sectorization/multiple sectors
  • High Capacity
  • Broadband
    • Antennas provide coverage for multiple bands
      • High Band, Low Band, CBRS, LAA, WiFi 
  • Highest Performance
    • Clean beam patterns (low side lobes, front to back)
  • High Isolation between Beams
  • Individual beam tilt adjustment
  • Light weight & Low wind load
  • Antennas can be painted in any color or with any Logo
  • All in 1 high capacity Antenna solution (fewer locations required for installation)

MatSing Measurement Systems: –

  • RF Lens based measurement systems provide fast and accurate direct far-field zone antenna measurements in a compact space. 
  • This system is ideal for testing larger size base-station antennas in a compact space, providing the user with fast, accurate, direct antenna measurements and patterns in seconds.
  • Applications:
    • Far-Field Zone Antenna Measurements
    • R&D Testing
    • Production Testing
    • Final Testing