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Event Antennas

MatSing RF Lens antennas provide a new approach for high capacity event coverage. Each antenna provides multiple independent sectors covering multiple bands allowing users to have the highest capacity from the fewest locations (up to 96 independent sectors from a single tower).

MatSing provides a range of antennas for high capacity needs, allowing users to select the right antenna type based on number of cell-site locations, required capacity and other factors.

How it Works:

  1. MatSing RF Lens antennas are made from patented meta-material, creating a new approach in antenna design. The Lens antenna is able to receive/transmit waves from multiple directions creating a truly multi-beam antenna, in essence working in similar principles as the human eye.
  2. MatSing RF Lens Antennas utilize innovative RF Lens technology to focus RF beams. Unlike traditional array antennas or reflector antennas (dish antenna), RF Lens antennas use refraction to focus and create necessary beams and sectors of coverage. This reduces stray RF by creating precise sectors with minimal side-lobes and front-to-back ratios creating high performance beams for better capacity and sector performance
  3. RF Lens antennas allow for multiple truly independent beams to be created thru a single lens, providing the opportunity to create multiple high performance beams with high isolation from beam-to-beam thru a single antenna. This reduces the need for multiple antennas to create multiple sectors and cover multiple bands as all this can be achieved thru a single lens.
  4. RF Lens antenna also provide the ability to have independent tilt for each beam, allowing users to surgically adjust multiple sectors independently for optimum network performance

Record Breaking Results:

MS-MBA-2 3 Beam 1710-2690MHz specs
MS-MBA-2-L2 2 Beam 698-960MHz specs
MS-MBA-3-H4 3 Beam 1710-2690MHz specs
MS-MBA-3.2-H4-L4 3 Beam 1710-2690MHz, 2 Beam 698-960MHz specs
MS-MBA-8 3 Beam 1710-2690MHz specs
MS-4.2DB60-A 4 Beam 1695-2690MHz , 2 Beam 698-960MHz specs
MS-6H90 6 Beam 1695-2690MHz specs
MS-6.3DB90-A 6 Beam 1695-2690MHz , 3 Beam 698-960MHz specs
MS-8H120 8 Beam 1695-2690MHz specs
MS-8.4DB120 4 Beam 698-960MHz, 8 Beam 1695-2690MHz specs
MS-12H180 12 Beam 1695-2690MHz specs
MS-12.6DB180-A 12 Beam 1695-2690MHz, 6 Beam 698-896MHz specs
MS-16H120 16 Beam 1695-2690MHz specs
MS-24H180 24 Beam 1695-2690MHz specs
MS-48H180 48 Beam 1695-2690MHz specs