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Macro Antennas

Matsing line of ZettaBall antennas – Latest in antenna innovation

Matsing Introduces the worlds highest performance sector antenna along with its new family of ultra wideband RF Lens antennas to support high capacity densification in the most efficient way.

The ZettaBall™ antennas utilize the latest in RF Lens technology to provided the highest capacity, highest performance ultra wide band antennas allowing customers to efficiently densify their network without the need to add additional sites. Key advantages:

  1. Capacity with no additional Antenna sites: The Lens enabled antennas are able to provide up to 12 individual beams with a total of 24 full band ports over the full ultra-wide band frequency range, allowing for up to a 10X capacity increase in a network without adding additional sites.
  2. Flexibility: The ZettaBall™ antennas allow multiple beams to be combined while maintaining high performance; additional radios can be added anytime when extra capacity is required
  3. Precise RF Control: Lens technology allows the ZettaBall™ antenna to provide the highest performance RF beams minimizing interference with other sectors while improving capacity. Each beam can be individually tilted up to 30 degrees, allowing the user to precisely control where each RF beam is aimed.
  4. Efficiency: MatSing is introducing the ZettaBall family of antennas, allowing users to select and incorporate all necessary bands (3G,4G,LTE,5G) all through a single high capacity lens antenna. Eliminating the need for additional sites and antennas, while maximizing capacity and network performance.

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MS-MBA-2 3 Beam 1710-2690MHz specs
MS-MBA-2-L2 2 Beam 698-960MHz specs
MS-MBA-3-H4 3 Beam 1710-2690MHz specs
MS-MBA-3.2-H4-L4 3 Beam 1710-2690MHz, 2 Beam 698-960MHz specs
MS-MBA-8 3 Beam 1710-2690MHz specs
MS-4.2DB60-A 4 Beam 1695-2690MHz , 2 Beam 698-960MHz specs
MS-6H90 6 Beam 1695-2690MHz specs
MS-6.3DB90-A 6 Beam 1695-2690MHz , 3 Beam 698-960MHz specs
MS-8H120 8 Beam 1695-2690MHz specs
MS-8.4DB120 4 Beam 698-960MHz, 8 Beam 1695-2690MHz specs
MS-12H180 12 Beam 1695-2690MHz specs
MS-12.6DB180-A 12 Beam 1695-2690MHz, 6 Beam 698-896MHz specs
MS-16H120 16 Beam 1695-2690MHz specs
MS-24H180 24 Beam 1695-2690MHz specs
MS-48H180 48 Beam 1695-2690MHz specs