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Stadium Antennas

MatSing RF Lens Antennas provide the highest performance with the least locations. MatSing’s line of RF Lens stadium/venue antennas provide users with a full range of antennas based on their needs. From single-beam low profile antennas to high-capacity multi sector antennas, customers are able to receive the most high performance sector counts with the least amount of antenna locations. Key Advantages:

  1. High performance multi sector antennas provide multiple clean wide-band sectors for full stadium coverage from the fewest locations
  2. When needed, sector count can be increased by simply adding additional radios
  3. Antennas can cover multiple bands providing full high capacity coverage for the user
MS-MBA-2 3 Beam 1710-2690MHz specs
MS-MBA-2-L2 2 Beam 698-960MHz specs
MS-MBA-3-H4 3 Beam 1710-2690MHz specs
MS-MBA-3.2-H4-L4 3 Beam 1710-2690MHz, 2 Beam 698-960MHz specs
MS-MBA-8 3 Beam 1710-2690MHz specs
MS-4.2DB60-A 4 Beam 1695-2690MHz , 2 Beam 698-960MHz specs
MS-6H90 6 Beam 1695-2690MHz specs
MS-6.3DB90-A 6 Beam 1695-2690MHz , 3 Beam 698-960MHz specs
MS-8H120 8 Beam 1695-2690MHz specs
MS-8.4DB120 4 Beam 698-960MHz, 8 Beam 1695-2690MHz specs
MS-12H180 12 Beam 1695-2690MHz specs
MS-12.6DB180-A 12 Beam 1695-2690MHz, 6 Beam 698-896MHz specs
MS-16H120 16 Beam 1695-2690MHz specs
MS-24H180 24 Beam 1695-2690MHz specs
MS-48H180 48 Beam 1695-2690MHz specs