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Recent Projects: Canada

Notable recent deployments of MatSing Spherical Multi-beam Antennas in Canada.

9 Sector Site, Canada | July, 2018

Canadian Wireless Operator implements 9 Sector Site using Matsing MBA-8 antennas. A perfect example of densification via lensification. 
A 9 Sector site aesthetically does not look much different from a commonly known 3 sector site but it actually has more than triple the amount of capacity that a regular 3 sector site can provide.
Converting a capacity triggering 3 sectors macro site into a 6 or 9 sector site saves time and capital required to build new sites. 

Rolling Stones Concert, Burl’s Creek Event Grounds, Ontario, Canada | June 2019

Downtown Toronto, Canada | June 2019

Capacity triggers being addressed by surgically deploying Matsing’s MBA-8 antennas throughout downtown Toronto. 

VELD Music Festival, Toronto, Ontario, Canada | August 2019

Matsing MBA-2

Casino de Montréal, Montréal, Canada | July 2019

MBA-8 deployed at the Casino de Montréal.

BMO Field, Toronto, Canada | February 2018

Gap Wireless; Matsing MBA-8 antennas deployed at BMO Field.

CN Tower, Toronto

Matsing MS-6-3 Antennas deployed at World Famous CN Tower.

Union Station, Toronto

MS-6-3 at Union Station.

22 Close Avenue, Toronto, Ontario

Gap Wireless – Matsing MBA-8 deployed at 22 Close Avenue.