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Recent Projects: Canada

Notable recent deployments of MatSing Spherical Multi-beam Antennas in Canada.

9 Sector Site, Canada

One of the Wireless Operators in Canada implements 9 Sector Site using Matsing MBA-8 antennas. 

A perfect example of densification via lensification. 
A 9 Sector site aesthetically does not look much different from a commonly known 3 sector site but it actually has more than triple the amount of capacity that a regular 3 sector site can provide.
Converting a capacity triggering 3 sectors macro site into a 6 or 9 sector site saves time and capital required to build new sites. 

Rolling Stones Concert

Burl’s Creek Event Grounds, Ontario, Canada

Downtown Toronto, Canada

Capacity triggers being addressed by surgically deploying Matsing’s MBA-8 antennas throughout downtown Toronto.